A Good Wine Wardrobe Needs a Few Great Accessories – Part II

The wine divas among us know that there are few things more frustrating than setting a beautiful table for your guests, complete with flowers and a lovely, light-colored cloth, and then having the effect marred by drops of red wine. They seem to increase as the evening wears on (now what is that all about?!). For those of us with light tablecloths and a predeliction for red wine, your wine cellar should include a (very small) space for NoDrip™ disks by Vino Flex.


These handy-dandy circles of mylar really do prevent drops of wine from staining your tablecloth or (heaven forfend!) your guests’ clothes.  I won’t bore you with the physics of it, suffice to say that the very fine edge prevents bloops from escaping the bottle after even a careful pour.  Roll one up, insert it halfway into the neck of the bottle, and voila!  After dinner, rinse in hot water and dry, and you’re ready for the next nights libations.  They last practically forever, and even come with a lifetime warranty.  Although they show the disks with the notch out, I have found them equally effective with the round edge out, and have used them for years.

For those who travel, they make wonderful gifts for wine-loving friends in far away places.  Nothing could be easier to pack, and at a couple dollars for a set, you can bring some for each of your hosts.  You’ll make a great impression, as they quickly find they can’t pour without them.  You can find them at most wine shops, or order them online.

Now you know how to make a splash without spilling a drop!

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  1. Congratulations!

    This site is fantastic. I look forward to years of wine and life exploration together.

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