Have a Thirst for Knowledge? Try a Wine Class!

One of the joys of the world of wine is that there is always more to learn and explore. No matter how encyclopedic your knowledge, each vintage brings new experiences, and there are always changes in the industry.

I love to attend wine classes, as it is inevitable that the Wine Educator will know something I don’t know. Plus, I like to watch their style, see how they structure their classes, and how they answer questions thrown at them from the peanut gallery.

Don’t be afraid to move outside your comfort zone. Think all rosés are sweet? Rosés are traditionally dry, and there are some wonderful ones out there, in a range of flavors and intensities. I’ll be writing a blog post in the future on rosés, which are perfect for summer evenings and go great with BBQ! In fact, I held a wine tasting a couple nights ago, with people who had never heard of a dry rosé. That was the first bottle to be emptied!

I encourage my friends and clients to taste way as often as possible. It can be tough to open several bottles at once unless you have a large group or use a Vacu-vin (see my earlier blog post). Try a wine class; your investment is minimal, and you can try several different wines.

If you’re looking for classes, I recommend www.LocalWineEvents.com. This website lists many public events going on in your city, no matter where in the US you live. You can even sign up for “The Juice” and get weekly listings for your area sent to you.

Or you could try one of my classes! Although my business is primarily corporate and private events, I will be holding a few classes at Tualatin WineStyles on Monday nights, starting June 29th. For more info, go to http://www.tualatin.winestyles.net/custom.asp?id=457575&page=3.

Who knows, you could become the next Aristotle of wine!

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