To the Glory of the Cat

Bouchon du Chat

Bouchon du Chat

Would you buy this wine? Normally, I steer clear of “gimmicky” wine, but at 5 euros a bottle (about $7), it was worth a shot.

Clearly intended for us cat lovers, right down the the foil capsule printed with images of mice schlepping all the elements needed (grapes, a cork, a corkscrew, and a wineglass), I confess that I found it rather charming.DSCF2940

It certainly made me smile when I cut off the foil around the top and was greeted with this cheery, big-nosed face!

“A la Gloire du Chat” is the name of the wine in French.  It is from the Bordeaux producer Château de l’Orangerie, a collaboration between Philippe Geluck, the well-known Belgian cartoonist and creator of the Cat character, and Jean-Christophe Icard, a winegrower with a sense of humor.

The front label features a well-dressed, wine-drinking cat who says:IMG_2790

“They say that one glass a day keeps the doctor away”

“But my wine is so good that it attracts”

“Come in, Doctor, may I pour you a glass?”

On the back label, rather than the normal toast “To your health” or “To you,” he raises his glass “To us!” and we feel included in the small, mischievous circle.IMG_2791 But wait, there’s even Le Chat Wine Club, where you can learn more about the Cat, the wine, sign up for their newsletter, and buy more stuff, of course.

So what of the wine itself?  A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from 2010, and 12.5% alcohol, it was an unexceptional table wine.  Not too tannic, nor especially complex, it would still be a good match for “toothsome” fare such as hamburgers or lasagna.  Just be sure to keep the cat hair out of your glass!

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