About Me

I am a wine, spirits and food lover who has been offering explorations into these worlds over the past 15 years. Through private and corporate tastings, wine and food pairing dinners, and customized private tours “behind the scenes” in Champagne and other French wine regions, I delight in helping fellow wine lovers find new favorites. I have spread the joys of wine, whisky, and sake in Paris, Napa, Tokyo, London, Philadelphia, Singapore, San Francisco, New York and Sydney, among others.

I currently live in Champagne and work in exporting “grower champagne” to a thirsty world.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Sharona – enjoyed meeting you at Michel Gonet in Épernay. I hope your adventures in France go well.

    Peter Grigg from Perth Western Australia


  2. Hey!

    I am the social marketing coordinator for WVV and I just discovered your blog this morning when it popped into my Google Alerts. I love it. I also really like the simple blog layout. Is it a pre-made one from WordPress? Do you know what it is called? The WVV blog was designed to match the website, but I hate it, so I am looking for a new design.


    I added you to my Google Reader, so I look forward to reading your contributions!

    Christine Collier


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